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Thread: Boswellia sacra seeds/seedlings

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    Boswellia sacra seeds/seedlings

    I was able to purchase some Boswellia sacra seeds, commonly known as frankincense, a few months back from

    A couple of weeks ago, I finally got around to sowing the seeds.

    A few seeds were poured out and had their picture taken.

    That night the seeds were sown and a few days later I had seedlings working their way up through a pumice top dressing.

    This was the first seedling to come up, showing cotyledons looking like a set of antlers.

    This pic from today shows a seedling with its first set of true leaves.

    And this pot had the best germination rates among the 3 other 6 inch diameter pots that were sown.

    Overall, the germination worked out to just under 10% for these seeds.

    Jason Eslamieh, the founder of wrote a book about cultivating all 19 species of the Boswellia genus, and Jason also grows all 19 species at his nursery.

    I found the book very helpful for putting together my seedling media, and for tips on humidity, temperature requirements and watering.

    Below is a link to my review of The Miniatree Garden.

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