Graptoveria 'Fred Ives' is a pretty well-known succulent hybrid, with a reputation of being extremely easy to grow and propagate, and a bit hardy.

The crested form is also very cool. Today I was at a local nursery, and decided to get the plant again. I probably really don't have enough sun for this, so I may mainly propagate it and see if someone local wants it.

Here's what it did for me quickly a couple years ago, from June to August (note the changes due to my low light; there is also substantial growth on top of that). The pot is 4 inches:

I found this very easy to propagate, although I think I lost the little plants to squirrels, lack of sun (and gave a bunch away). Leaves placed on soil quickly did this:

Probably you can't tell, but the stems are flat, not round as one would expect for a "normal" (not crested) plant. There are also multiple growing points, also not easy to see, on at least some even at that stage.

Anway, here's the one I got today, about to lose some leaves:

It does have a tendency to revert, either at the stage of leaves to plants, or at individual regions on a given plant. Those can be removed, and then one is left with non-crested 'Fred Ives', which is still a very nice plant.