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Thread: Cactus, succulent and Mesemb seeds for trade!

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    Cactus, succulent and Mesemb seeds for trade!

    Trying to get some new activities together and new projects for myself and the kids (once this rain stops! Of course)

    I have a bunch of differe types of species of cacti succulents and mesemb seeds as well as some lotus andvother seeds like catnip and mimosa that i have plenty to trade to ppl who would be interested in trading anything i or the kids may have intrests in enjoying and growing.

    Since i have too many to list - so if you have something in mind that you are personally looking for or a list you have of different seeds you want and ill look through what i have. Just for refereance i have alot of pilo seeds, loph seeds, cheridopsis seeds, lithop seeds, etc..etc... Hundreds of types!

    Just send me a trade offer and what yr looking for via pm, not looking for anything in particular pretty much something i or the kids would enjoy growing and learning about (plants,seeds,offsets...)
    Carnivorous or cacti/succulent or other unusual and crazy looking plant types

    Pm me or ask below if u have anything u want me to see if i have

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    Hi, are those loph williamsi ? I can trade VFT OR SUNDEW FOR THOSE SEEDS. Sincerely, davidbrown
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