#### yeah, a friend sent me one of those today. They aren't very widely distributed some were available on Tropiflora for a very short time. I have a 4" seedling already but, this is a flowering size plant. These are very interesting plants in that not much variation occurs in Epi's.
I also have Shlumbergera x Hatiora that could be the first blue flowered Schlum. don't quote me though it has yet to be raised to flowering age. I beleive this cross may also be one of the few genus crosses. Hatiora crosses very easy though along with Rhipsalis and Rhipsalidopsis. The Schlum. x Hat. is forbidden to be distributed yet as I gave my word to Frank Supplie to not until he has straightened out what's what with it. Rather exciting to have plants that cannot be distributed. Ramble, ramble!