Well I did part research, Im just tire today, cant be infront of a pc any much longer...

It has to be from the family of adromischus, seems to be adromischus fragilis. This succuletn is very delicate when you touch is very easy to take leaves off. I also have an aeonium dauabrabwelli, which losses leaves very fast and it has grown tall, almost havent produce extra leaves since I got it. I have a common one chile de perro and a echinopsis glaucina.
I have to find what the other ones are.
The one that got cut off the delicate one I mnetioned.
Oh and what is that growing power, where I can find it?

I was impressed to find a cactus from Colombian origin, my country is a biological paradise, its a shame I didnt have interest in such things when I was there,,, and now I wish I can get that type of cactus acanthoceneus colombianus..

Just let me know wht you think
and when I get a camera ill take pics of my terrarium