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Thread: Haworthias

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    I have been growing haworthias for a while and here is my HAWORTHIA growlist(don't put this in growlist forum, it's about succulents)
    Does anyone else grow haworthias, and if so, what species/hybrids do you have. If you need one identified, I can do it. Many haworthias are mislabeled. The taxonomy changes also.
    Show us some pictures of your haworthias!

    My haworthia growlist:

    H.cymbiformis "planifolia"
    H.cymbiformis "frogmouth"
    H.cymbiformis v. obtusa
    H.cymbiformis v. obtusa other clone
    H.cymbiformis v. obtusa "umbracticola"
    H.cymbiformis v. setulifera
    H.cooperi v. dielsiana
    H.cooperi v. truncata
    H.reticulata v. hurlingii
    H.magnifica v. acuminata
    H.magnifica v. splendens
    H.mucronata v. morrissae obtuse leafed
    H.mucronata v. morrissae attenuate leafed
    H.mucronata v. inconfluens
    H.bayeri uniondale
    H.bayeri kangas
    H.bayeri dyssledorp
    H.bayeri rondekop
    H. x ollesonii
    H. x mantelli
    H. x ryderiana
    H. x cuspidata
    H.truncata x maughnii
    H.turgida v. suberecta pallidifolia
    H.turgida v. suberecta rodinii
    H.turgida suberecta
    H.pygmaea v. argenteo-maculosa
    H.pumila "donuts"
    H.pumila mowers
    H.limifolia "keithii"
    H.limifolia varigated
    H.limifolia v. striata
    H.venosa v. tesselata "fang"
    H.emelyae v. comptoniana x ? clone 1
    H.emelyae v. comptoniana x ? clone 2
    H.emelyae "picta" rooiberg
    H.emelyae "picta"
    H.emelyae south of oudtshourm
    H.emelyae "picta" zebra
    H.retusa blombos
    H.retusa piernskrivier
    H.retusa "geraldii"
    H.retusa riversdale
    H.retusa "solitaria"
    H.cooperi v. pilfera x H.magnifica v. splendens

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    It's doubtful the two cacti in this pic are even in the Asphodelaceae, but perhaps you are familiar with them? I just took this picture the other day and I've been wondering what they were since I brought them home from Home Depot. I used to have a very nice H. truncata but it croaked when I overwatered it one winter. I also had a not-so-nice H. reinwardii that was evil, I got rid of that one. :)
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    Seedjar- the thing on the right is a Pachypodium of some sort I would imagine
    the group on the left is Opuntia, I have seen those particular ones referred to as "Eves Pin" and they are nasty, I have a 3 foot tall one that actually scares me to even go near anymore

    I have a few Haworthia but never bothered to I.D. them, just got them cos they grow easy and look nice
    I had NO idea there were so many species, Slurm, your collection must be a real sight
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