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Thread: D. petiolaris 'red'

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    Oct Update: No real takers on my offer.....

    Thought I would shake the trees a little and see if there was any interest in some plants in the petiolaris complex before winter makes it too cold to ship. I have some divisions from my original plant that are reaching a good size.

    While I will consider trades for any plants on my "wants" list (see signature below), my preference is for plants in the petiolaris complex.

    PM me with trade offers (don't bother posting anything here). There is no big rush - the earliest I will send anything out is probably next Saturday morning. USA only - sorry. Please be patient - I may not be able to respond w/in 1 day.

    My apologies for the image quality. The pot is 2.5". This is the same clone that has generated some controversy about it's species. Some very knowledgeable growers feel that it is actually D. dilatato-petiolaris and not D. petiolaris - either way it is a beautiful plant. For more on the debate see: Debate
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    PMed you.
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