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Thread: Message from gawd/dave

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    Here is a message to folks Dave was trading with:

    Quote Originally Posted by [b
    Quote[/b] (JustAMessenger @ Oct. 20 2005,10:53)]Hi,
    I am a friend of Dave (Gawd_oOo).
    His computer crashed, and he hasn't been able to replace it yet.
    Here is what he told me to ask of you.
    He said that he owed plants and maybe seeds to a few people on the board, but all the information of who and what was on his computer. He tried logging on from school but something on the site tripped the schools filter, so he is unable to view the site. He said that he sent a message along with some seeds he had SASEs for (what ever that means).
    But nobody that he owed stuff too emailed him, so he was thinking that something must have gone wrong with the message.
    Ok I am thinking that was more of an explination, here is the request.
    He was hoping you would know or could find who he owes plants/seeds to.
    And pass on away for them to get in touch with him.
    He can check his email at school so is one way.
    He said phone calls would be ok aswell, so if anyone would really like to get in touch with him and here the explanation for themselves they are more then welcome to call.

    Thank You,


    P.S. If you had any further questions, I'll come back to the site sometime in the next few days. Or you could call or email Dave directly.
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    Wee, ok, back hopefully, anyway I'll get to that in General.

    Anyway, I know there is still one more person I owe a G. Hispidula piece to.

    And there might be acouple people I was sending seeds to that weren't sending me a SASE.
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