Sorry but this is now closed. I hit the jackpot - got an ethical, experienced, generous grower on the 1st try.
I won a D. ascendens in this years's NASC auction. As usual, I immediately tried to propagate it. The plant propagated very well and I now have 3-6 young plants. I later took some more leaves and have ~10 small plantlets coming along (still on parent leaves in distilled water).

I also have some D. binata leaves with lots of plantlets (also still on parent leaves in distilled water).

I would like to give these plants to someone - free

Oh - yeah - the catch. There are some conditions

- the recipient should have some experience growing CP - preferably Drosera (the more experience, the better)
- as the price for getting 'free' plants, the recipient must give at least half of the plants away to others after they are established in their own pots (around spring) via the trading forums. They should also plan to offer one of each in the next NASC auction.

If anyone is interested, please PM me (don't bother posting in the forum). USA only - sorry.