Hey all-

I have a trade offer to make here. A very good friend of mine has been searching for a plant of Nepenthes veitchii x lowii and has not been able to locate a single plant. So here's where I come in.

If anyone has an extra plant of N. veitchii x lowii I will let you have your choice of either a beautiful, healthy plant of N. talangensis (6"-8" leaf span) or.... a beautiful plant of N. maxima x talangensis. This particular clone is highly sought after and is absolutely beautiful. Rob Cantley says it's the best clone of this cross he has ever seen and it is fresh from his nursery. This plant is approx. 8"-10" tall.

I do not own a digital camera so there are no photos.

Please make your offers via PM only.
If you do not have a veitchii x lowii to offer do not offer something else. I am ONLY interested in this plant. I will not respond to other offers. I am looking for small rooted plants, NO UNROOTED CUTTINGS.

This offer is open to US patrons only.