looking for some ostrich ferns but might conside another large outdoor fern hardy to zone 3.

let see what do i have to trade? well they arent up yet but in another week or two i should have the hardiest tiger lilies on the planet coming up. to give you an idea on how hardy these things are, i live in what is technically desert(high plains, short grass prairie) usually less than 12 inches of moisture a year for the last 20 years. two years ago i went out to my uncles old house(20 miles out of town) that no one has lived in, in 10 years or more. no one has taken care of the yard or anything. wasnt expecting to find much but i did find a rather large stand of these tiger lilies on the east side of the house that had been living off of just snow melt and rain water for over 10 years. they get about 3 feet tall and have orange-ish red flowers. they are more of a wild type lilly now but should be an interesting addition to someones garden.

if someone is interested, we will finalize the trade at the end of the month but im trying to figure out just what all plants ive got to buy for the new house's yard