I have live sphagnum moss growing outside, and would like to trade some. I cannot guarantee that it will be "clean". It may have leaf litter and twigs in it. I will package it in a gallon ziplock bag laid flat on its side, in a sheet, if that makes sense. I don't know how much that is in weight or ounces. I do not have pics right now as my camera is in the shop.

I am looking for:
terrestrial utrics
red VFTs, large trap VFTs

I may consider other plants as well, but those are my top choices. It will depend on the type of plant you offer and the size of it as to how much sphagnum moss I send. This stuff is expensive to buy, I checked sites that sell it to see how much it is worth.

Anyone with more than one of what I am looking for I will go heavily in your favor so that I don't have to pay shipping to several different people. I'm broke right now, LOL.

I am going to give this a week or two so I can see who all replies before I ship. The supply is certainly limited, as I don't want to completely empty my bog out. I just need to cut it back some. Thanks!