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Thread: Carnivorous Plant Trade !

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    Hi All,
    At this time I have fresh Nepenthes stenophylla seed up for trade. I have enough seed for a few packs of 25 + seed. I look for other nepenthes seed as well as some cuttings of 'Victorian " nepenthes.
    Please respond ASAP as these seed are fresh and I would like to get them in the post as soon as I can.
    Later, Carl Taylor dionaea

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    Interested in N ventrricosa x khasiana or N hirsuta (G. Serapi Sarawak 800m) x tobaica?
    All proofs inevitably lead to propositions that have no proof. All things are known because we want to believe in them.

    My Growlist updated with available trades and pictures - PM if interested

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