4 out of the five TerraForums members I sent these groups of VFTs to have let me know that they have received them (in good shape, thank goodness) in the last couple days (they were shipped Monday, July 31 and receieved 2 or 3 days later, on Wednesday and Thursday), and three of those four have already reimbursed me by PayPal.

The last and 5th person wrote me a note saying he would be out of town for a week, which caused me to wonder why he wanted me to ship some VFTs to him if he was not going to be there to receive them. In addition, in response to my message that they had been shipped and asking for reimbursment for shipping via PayPal (I stipulated in the original offer at the beginning of this thread/topic that any prospective recipient must have a PayPal account), he wrote back a one-line: "I don't know how to use PayPal."

Edit-- this 5th person wrote me a note later the same day I posted this message and said that although he's traveling, there was someone at home who had received the plants and said they looked in great shape, and who he asked to put them in some water in a shady place until he gets back home in about 5 days (not optimal by any means, but better than the plants staying in their shipping box during that time with no fresh air and no light). He said he would send cash for shipping when he gets home, since he doesn't do PayPal.

I think that in the future I'm going to ask for the shipping fee first, as a prerequisite when I offer plants for free giveaway--and as the Trading Post guidelines suggest and I should have done in the first place.

In addition, out of courtesy to **********.com, I won't offer any more Green Dragon VFTs (I hadn't read that in the guidelines at the time, and I apologize to the moderators and owners of **********.com).

The people I promise to send plants to will have to trust that I will actually send the plants, but I have a few good character witnesses in TerraForums now.

Just to clarify a point, the person I'm speaking about above is not one of the people whose posts and nicknames appear in this topic. He wrote to me only by private message and email.

Anyway, to the other 4, thanks and I hope you enjoy the plants.

New Mexico, US