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Thread: Sensitive plants

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    Some that seen my cp movie noticed my sensitive plants and i said i would start some for people who want some so i have about 3 little pots of sensitive plants up for trade. They are rather small but have the sensitive leaves already. Each trade gets a pot with 2-3 plants in the pot. Lmk what you have up to trade.

    Looking for filiformis ssp tracyii, some sarracenias, mexican pings, vft forms.
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    Oh wow, I would really love one of those. I'll have filiformis tracyii seed shortly (the last flowers of my two stalks just closed today.) Feel free to look at my growlist and ask about anything you're interested in on there. There used to be sensitive plants all around my house when I was a little kid, I remember going to the park and all I wanted to do was mess with the plants.
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