This offer is now closed. Thanks to all who expressed an interest!
I have several pots of D. paradoxa available for postage (2 plants/pot).

If you have an interest, please contact me via email @ and include your current mailing address in the message.

If selected, I will reply to your email to let you know you were chosen and that you should remit $6 via Paypal. If the funds have not been received within 24 hours, I will assume you are no longer interested and move on to the next person (if a delay is expected, let me know in your original email).

- this is not 1st come - 1st served - no major need to rush
- pics of 'typical' pot (2.5") is below. Some plants may be slightly larger or smaller than this...
- I will consider donations to educational / public institutions (contact me)
- USA only - sorry (I don't have info or time to procure required certificates for export)

Typical pot: