Offer is now closed. Thanks to all those who responded!!

I have a large 'community' pot of common CP which has been growing for at least a year or 2 (outside in summer). My space for overwintering in the basement no longer has room so I'd like to send the plants to a good home. Plants currently in the pot include:

- 2 green (wide leaf?) D. capensis
- 2 red (narrow leaf) D. capensis
- 1 VFT 'sawtooth'
- 1 VFT red (don't remember which one)
- 1 D. binata T-form
- 2 D. binata - multiple branches (don't remember which one)
- lots - small D. sessilifolia (possibly hundreds - don't know how well they'll travel...)

If you have an interest, please contact me via email @

If selected, I will reply to your email to let you know you were chosen and that you should remit $6 via Paypal. If the funds have not been received within 24 hours, I will assume you are no longer interested and move on to the next person (if a delay is expected, let me know in your original email).

- my preference is to send all plants to one person
- I will ship all plants bare root
- this is not 1st come - 1st served - I will keep the offer open for a few days - then choose someone
- educational / public institutions have priority
- USA only - sorry (I don't have info or time to procure required certificates for export)