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Thread: Trade ot free

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    i have the following plants for trade or S&H
    6 Binata mixed forms
    10 Capensis Mixed Types
    4 P. Primuliflora

    also have the following seeds for S.A.S.E
    10 packets Capensis
    4 Packets Spathulata

    also i'm going to limit how many plants to a single person(only applys to Free) no more then 3 plants or seeds. i would like to see a more people get these . hence the limit

    if you are intrested please pm me with topic title Free or trade, along with what it is you are intrested in. i will be expecting that you who want these would send me shipping and handling, if you are trading something please look at my grow list as i want just about anything that is not on my list
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    pm sent
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    My Growlist updated with available trades and pictures - PM if interested

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