This guy I have enough for about 4 to 5 devisions. If given enough light these guys bloom on every new growth. If there is not enough light it just grows. Seems to bloom as soon as a new growth matures instead of once a year.

This is a plant will go whole. Not enohg for a devision, but will trade.

This plant I can devide into two plants. The flowers are pink with a little yellow in the lip as you can see by the picture.

I would prefure to setup a trade and ship after the flowers fade. It shouldn't be too long. I think it is a shame to ruin the flowers in shipping, but if the trader really wants it before the flowers fade I am sure I could accomidate. I will not be able to garentee the flowers will make it in tact though.

I am interested in Nepenthes, but would entertain other CPs or orchids too.