I have several, small potted D. schizandra plants for trade.

If you think you might be interested in trading, Please read this entire post before responding to me.

- Trades only, no sales, USA only
- Pics available
- Due to cold weather, I will probably not ship until March or April (so there's no rush)
... yes, it's probably premature / early for me to post but I'd prefer to have the trade details ironed-out and wait for good weather
- I may take several days to a week to respond
- I may request to see a photo of plant prior to trade being finalized
- I am mostly interested in trading for Sarracenia with location info
... Will consider a trade for D. prolifera
... Will consider a trade for D. regia - non-'Big Easy' clone (although my preference is to trade a 'Big Easy' for a non-'Big Easy'). (yes - I have some spare D. regia 'Big Easy' plants) [I hope that made sense...]
- If you'd like to propose a trade for plants other than those listed, feel free (but I'll likely not be interested - but hey - email's free)

If you're still interested, contact me via email @ RL7836@earthlink.net