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Thread: Nep cuttings

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    Nep cuttings

    I have to prune these:

    N. fusca 'Sarawak'
    N. maxima 'Broad Peristome' x 'Celebes Striped' (peristomes are nearly black when grown in strong light)
    N. sanguinea

    I usually root cuttings for later trading, but if you'd be interested in trading for one or more cuttings now, let me know. Our weather has warmed, so the trading bug has struck. I'll consider Nep species, other CPs, other plants or whatever.
    Bruce in CT

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    If you have some N. maxima left once your cuttings are rooted, I'd be very interested. I prefer to wait though as fresh cuttings never seem to do well in the mail for me. If you think you'll have leftovers, I can drop you a PM when I know what I'll have to trade.
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