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Thread: looking for & have to trade

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    looking for & have to trade

    does anyone have these species they would like to trade:
    N clipeata
    N. hirsuta
    N. jacquelineae
    N ampullaria-spotted,red,tri,
    N gracilis-(green/got it),red
    N albo-marginata purple/black
    N albo-marginata var. rubra
    N eymae
    N rowanae
    N talangensis
    N veitchii / lowland

    what i have to trade:
    N x hybrid??(14"dia/3"h)
    N rafflesiana x gracilis(15"dia/6"h)
    N x miranda (24"dia/10"h)
    N gracilis ‘blk/purple’(5"dia/8"h)
    N madagascariensis(3"dia3"h),
    N alata 'striped' x truncate (cutting),
    N x judith Finn,
    N x trichocarpa (cutting),
    Cephalotus follicularis(cutting 1 ”dia),
    N globosanickle to quarter size,
    N gracilis (blk/cutting),
    N thorelii 'Giant Tiger' (cutting),
    N tobica “red”,
    P esseriana,
    P gracilis X moctezumae,

    pics available..

    please email me at:
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