Hello, I am purchasing a Sarracenia with 5 different species in it, I only believe there is truly 8 Sarracenia species, so I am looking for a hybrid with the following 3 and only 3 species in it in ANY order

S. alata x S. flava x S. psittacina

It can be also 1 hybrid mixed with a pure-bred like S. x (alata x flava) x psittacina or something like that. I plan to hybridize it with the 5 species hybrid and see what happens (I'll have to bring the plants inside so those pesky bees don't mess it up!)

At the moment, I only have multiple Utricularia to trade (U. sandersonii, U. livida, U. reniformis 'small leaf') which aren't very rare (except for the U. reniformis 'small leaf' which probably has the most value) and I'd be willing to trade them all for it since I am not a favourable of Utricularia.

PM me if you have the plant, we could work something out for the future. It's a little experiment I'm doing to see what happens when you mix all the species (all the true species, at least, since S. rosea or S. purpurea ssp. venosa var. burkii looks almost exactly like S. purpurea only a little different pitchers and flower it would not influence the plant much, and considered S. 'alabamensis' and jonesii true plants is as silly as calling a piece of cake a pile of chocolate brownies.

Thanks! So I'm looking for a Sarracenia with the following three species in it ONLY

S. alata, S. flava and S. psittacina. It can be a hybrid and a specie like S. x (alata x psittacina) x S. flava or whatever, it just needs to have these three species ONLY and these species EXACTLY, I don't care if there is a variation, as long as not all of the plants are anthocyanin free, I'd prefer them to NOT be anthocyanin free.