I just received a female N. veitchii I bought. There are two of them and I'd say the one for trade is uhh... well let me get a pic later. It's big. It's so big I have to trade it away. Well to me it's big.

It's lowland by the way. PM me. It's a FEMALE and you know that you want it.

It has no pitchers, but the peristome is probably golden considering it's lowland. I'm asking the man I got it from what the pitchers are like and if I can have a picture of the originator or these plants.

In these pics, there are two plants of about the same size and you'll get one of them. It's FEMALE! Make me a good offer. Wow I was expecting a little 6 inch plant and I got this bad girl. Wowie! I've got the shakes!

More shameless product placement. Buy Schultz. Oh and now I'm working for Sunlight Supply, inc. Buy Sun Systems (tm)

This is what it will look like.

http://www.exoticaplants.com.au/admi...g_veitflow.jpg Red peristome, spotted.

Oh yeah no highlanders please. And also I'm not opposed to trading for other big plants. If something is cool enough I'll make room. I'm also not only interested in Nepenthes.

Made a deal, trade is closed.