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Thread: Angel's Trumpet/ Brugmansia

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    Angel's Trumpet/ Brugmansia

    Hey guys. I have like... 2 or 3 of these cutting I can trade. I forgot if the flowers are white or pink or yellow, but I want to say yellow-I can't promise anything on that. They have nice healthy leaves. They are unrooted. Actually they are small so I guess I can just dig them up but I can't promise they will have roots since it could just be growing from old root stock. I havn't even cut them yet. If you fertilize, give lots of sun and water, they will grow about 6 or 7 feet tall by the end of summer. If you prune, they will grow out in addition to growing tall so you can have a big bush. They come back year after year from the roots here in GA.

    Uhh.. make me an offer. I dunno what I want. Oh yeah the flowers are monstrous and smell great!

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    datura ey

    absolutely beautiful, but keep away from kids and pets... can be very "poisonous"

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