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Thread: In Search of Colorful Sarracenia (and a few MONSTER vft's)

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    In Search of Colorful Sarracenia (and a few MONSTER vft's)

    Hiya All-

    I've started to add some Sarracenia to my wife's colorless garden and now I can't stop.

    They've added not only color but a interesting and uniquness factor.

    Currently we have: Judith Hindle, Danas Delight, Flave Red Tube, Mardi Grax, S. leucophylla, and a Copper Top.

    As you can see, I like the plants with colors.

    So after looking at several gallerys, I'm searching for (I know some are rare or hard to come by) Reptile Rose, Black Widow, Leah Wilkerson Red, Kimber Red Ruffles, S. catesbaei "Grande", Red Sumatra, Moorei 'Big Red', mechilliana x moorei 'Big Red' and other big robust, colorful Sarracenia.

    So, if any of you CPer's can help me, I'd really apreciate it.

    Oh, by the way, I live in Portland Oregon.

    Happy Growing,

    ps. my wife let me have a little peice of her garden for my vft's, hence the search for MONSTER vft's.
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