S. purpurea had 4 flowers this year, 3rd year I've had it
S. purpurea same size as the last, but didn't flower first year I've had it
S. flava not doing to well
S. rubrah (or S. leucophylla hard to tell)

I am trading this for tropical Drosera or Nepenthes (lowlanders)

Their are two reasons I'm doing this, I'm going to be going to college soon, and I don't want to leave my mom with a little bog. I want to get some plants I can take to college and have in the dorm room.

The reason they haven't done well and I cant ID the one is because I had a fire and they got a little shocked from the re-potting, and haven't grown well (besides the S. purpurea they are indestructible), And I don't feel like having to put any more stress on them since it is rearing towards the end of the season I would like to trade before it gets to cold.

PM me for the plants. I am able to trade with separate people, If I do trade with separate people I wont pay for shipping.