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Thread: Highland Nepenthes

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    Highland Nepenthes

    Hey guys, I'm looking to try growing (from seed maybe) some other highland neps (besides N. Ventricosa, since that is what I'm growing right now.)

    I really don't have any plants to trade

    But JLAP (I believe) gave me the idea of trading my band's EP for some seeds or something.
    We are a funk/rock band from Hollister, CA. I would compare us to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

    Anyway, we have a myspace with like three or four of our tracks from the cd on there.
    It's a pretty good recording.

    Oh, and it is 9 tracks long.

    The myspace: Local Jalopy

    Thanks, guys.

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    Hellz yeah, his band rocks and I'd gladly trade some highland nepenthes for a copy if I had any nepenthes I could spare. Want a D. regia "Big Easy"? lol.

    And that's saying a lot since I usually listen to only electronic music. His band is hella sweet. Especially your song Glazed Over. Reminds me of Sublime sorta kinda.

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