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Thread: Sphagnum moss?

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    Sphagnum moss?

    Hey guys, does anybody have fresh sphagnum moss they are willing to give? I've been to 4 different home depots, 2 walmarts, 2 orchid shops, 5 pet stores, 2 Targets, and 3 different nurseries.

    I just can't seem to find any and my parents won't let me buy online even if its $2 for a big bag.
    Well, I found one bag while I was at one of the home depots, but it was a Miracle Grow brand.
    I heard that green moss was bad for carnivorous plants, they look kinda the same though so i made a mistake and bought that one.

    So do you guys think you can hook me up with a bag of sphagnum?
    I bet you're reading this huh?

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    What are you looking for?

    Peat moss - decomposed Sphagnum moss (dark brown, looks similar to planting mixes)
    Long Fibre Sphagnum moss (LFS) - strands of dried moss not decomposed
    live Sphagnum moss - is what the two above come from (green, red, yellow fluffy moist moss).

    In the LA area small bags of Scott's brand peat moss (without fertilizer) seems to have disappeared. I contacted Scott's earlier and they claim they are still selling it without fertilizer and gave me a list of stores in my area that supposedly recently ordered it. No dice, all the stores had was with Miracle-Gro.


    Lowe's carries LFS - either to domestic Mosser-Lee bags or bricks of Chilean "Orchid Moss" (read the label it is LFS). They also carry small bales of Canadian peat moss - outside.

    OSH carries medium bags of Canadian peat moss - Uni-Gro brand.

    Anawalt Lumber carries small bags of Canadian peat moss - Black Gold brand - premium stuff.

    Live Sphagnum moss - if there is any place selling this in the LA area it must be well hidden. However, given enough moisture and light LFS and even peat moss will sprout live Sphagnum. Many of my seedling pots under lights started growing live Sphagnum with only peat moss and sand in them. The spores could have come along with the CP seeds.

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    ask jefforever i know he has some alskan sphangum moss it is all live he might be willing to sned you a small bag
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