Hey guys. I'm looking for a Heliamphora I don't already have that's making mature pitchers. I'm not interested in baby plants, and I can trade a devision of H. heterodoxa x minor or H. 'Tequila' that's making mature pitchers. Or both if I absolutely have to. My first H. heterodoxa x minor croaked on me some time ago, but since this one I've got now and the 'Tequila' are doing so well (especially since they fared so great during the summer) I feel a little more confident about trying something else.

Just looking for the easy stuff. H. minor, H. heterodoxa, or H. nutans or an easy hybrid or something. When I cut the plants to trade, I can't promise they'll come with any roots but I'll try my hardest to get some! Of course I expect the same of the plant I receive. In other words I can't make promises and don't expect them.

First up is the H. heterodoxa x minor, then the H. 'Tequila'

If I could trade both to one person for two of the Heliamphora I mentioned above, that would be perfect.