Offer is closed for now.

I have about 15 packets of D. sessilifolia(?) seed to trade or give away, but before you PM me, please read all 4 of these links. Here, CPUK, ICPS, and this.
Now, after reading that, you know that these seed may well have come from a sessilifolia, burmannii or hybred and because of the inability to possitivly ID them, I won't be sending them to the ICPS seed bank, even though they don't have any and would love to get some (PURE sessilifolia).
Now, if you've read all 4 links and want a packet, about 60+ seed, PM me with your mailing address. I'll even cover the postage. If you have something you want to send in exchange, well I've always got room for a homeless CP, leaf cutting or seeds, and you'll of course get 1st dibs. (see my grow list)