Some of you have seen the threads about the giant mystery nep that I bought last year; I can't fit it under lights so the parent is forced to deal with NE Ohio "sunlight" and remains pitcherless. I have 2 divisions that are working on pitchering under lights but here are some pics of the pitchers from a cutting that Ryan has succeeded with:

Anyway, I've been trying cuttings in different environments as an experiment and this one went into the lowland tank and is enjoying itself quite a bit. In on pic you can see that there are two established growth points-but no pitchers.

I want to get it sent out before it gets much larger and more challenging to box up. I will pull it out of the ice cream cone and ship it. It is in a clump of LFS which will go along with it.

I know that many say "miranda", but many others have enough other suggestions to keep me from declaring it as one or the other. Just know that you could be getting a miranda. Or not.

Now for the not-so-fine print. This is for TRADE. As in I send this to you, you send some sort of botanical carnivory in exchange. This is not for shipping. I don't mind helping people with their collection start up, but I need a CP fix BAD and I'm in a financially nasty state so I'm not just sending this thing out with nothing back. I can't get my CP fix that way. I am not interested in things that I have (see list link below) and I am not interested in seeds as this time (nothing against them, but I need that fix before 4 or 5 years).

While I am looking to get it out fairly soon, I will not be around for the second half of this week so it won't be ready to go out until next week at the soonest. PM if you're interested and lay out an offer. This isn't first-come-first-served but what offer interests me the most. They'll all probably interest me.