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Thread: Sarracenia for trade

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    Sarracenia for trade

    Hi folks, I've got a good number of divisions to trade.

    • I will be adding to this list as I ensure that other divisions are available.

    • I've got larger and smaller divisions, so if you've only got something small to offer, don't be shy.

    • Please no offers to buy; I've got plants set aside for the coming NASC auction (including some of the ones currently being offered.)

    • I'm primarily looking for Sarracenia species/hybrids/locations that I don't have. Other offers will, of course, be considered!

    • Please PM or use the email or AIM function to contact me. Please use a subject header that indicates that it's regarding trade.

    S. x areolata
    Washington County, AL
    Tibbie Bog

    S. rubra Ancestral Form
    Crawford Co., GA

    S x areolata
    Tyler Country, TX
    Watson Pinelands Preserve

    S x ahlesii
    (waiting to confirm location)

    Thanks for reading!
    \(_o)/ ಠ_ಠ
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    LOL! This reads almost like a Ron Lane trade offering!

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