So, as I said previously Im restarting my carni collection (not the workers) and I am on a limited budget. So what Im trying to do is get some of the more common plants out there.

My current grow list is thus:
1 Common VFT
2 Pinguicula Esseriana
Maybe a drosera adelae if it survives from home depot

Thats it, rough life I know.

So here is what Im looking for in particular, or perhaps just for getting suggestions out there. Im naming some of the ones I used to gave.

Genlisea (yeah, i dont have high hopes)
U. Gibba, U. Sandersonii, U. Livida
D. Adelae, D. Spathulata, I had some temperate pygmys too, forget what type. D. Capensis
N. Bicalcarata (yes, I had one), N. Ventricosa
S. Rubra, S. x wrigleyana, S. Leucophyllia, S. Alata

So, seeing as I don't have any plants to really trade, here is what I do have.

Time - Hard worker. I have woodworking skills, and limited car skills. But I can change a timing belt . I am a photographer, starting off so im not amazing - yet. Pm me to see if we can work something out. If you are local, perhaps we can exchange a service for a plant. Or, I have a schlew of random stuff at my house. Im a pack rat.