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Thread: Looking to rebuild my collection

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    Looking to rebuild my collection

    After switching water sources, my CPs are all looking much better. Now I'm working on rebuilding the collection that took a hit this winter when the RO water machine was filling my bottles with hard water instead. We're talking capensis and adelae dying kind of bad!

    Trade options are limited, but I have some extra common things or I can pay shipping and, um..."handling" in the event that packaging may require a little extra to cover the materials.

    I planted many seedlings and pings in plastic bathroom cups right around the time that everything started to really die so I thought that there was something that was wrong with using the cups and didn't think to test the water until recently.

    I can't get the seedlings back, and I am waiting to see if some of the sarrs were caught in time. I've not been able to replenish the S Catesabae, Dana's Delight, pings galore, D madagascariensis...the list goes on. The baby plants and the sarrs were the hardest hit.

    I have all kinds of ventricosa, miranda, the N "probably miranda" that pretty much is one but just didn't have the confirmed name tag, some D intermedia and possibly some D filliformis (no special variety that I know of) a winter mode P Titan and even some freshly sprouting P laueana P. emarginata (probably). Then there's always the shipping and "handling".

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    PM sent.
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