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Thread: Can I please have a...

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    Can I please have a...

    Does anyone have a XXXX they are willing to give away? I guess a XXXX will work fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ahmad View Post
    Does anyone have an easy Mexican butterwort they are willing to give away? I guess a Moranesis will work fine.
    Ahmad - it is poor practice to use the forums to beg for free plants. Please consult the trading forum rules.

    Quote Originally Posted by schloaty View Post
    2) Patience is a virtue! Postings soley to ask for free plants is greedy. Everyone here knows what it's like to be a newbie, and to want them ALL right NOW. Just wait, and check the trading plants get offered by growers periodically. If there is some specific plant you're after, go ahead and post a "I'm looking for a...," but please state what you have for trade in your post. Do not abuse the generosity of the membership. And don't jump in on EVERY give-away. Let others have a chance.
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