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Thread: looking for byblis seeds!

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    looking for byblis seeds!

    Well, I was just looking through my "big pot of wonders," as I call it (I planted so much stuff in there and it's all coming up randomly) and came across two young plants of byblis liniflora. I had planted seeds back in september, but they never came up and I planted a bunch of other stuff in there (to be specific lots of capensis which are dominating the thing now, some u. subulata which I think was drowned by the moss but probably wasn't knowing subulata, sessifolia seeds which are now little baby sessifolias, and a D. intermedia)

    SO ANYWAY.... the title says it all... I'm looking for some more byblis seeds to try outside, since apparently the conditions are suitable out there. Sorry about the ramble, but I'm stoked!
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