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Thread: Trading Prickly pear pads, groundcover sedums, etc

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    Trading Prickly pear pads, groundcover sedums, etc

    I have a bunch of stuff that I wondered if anyone would want to trade for. I have several pads of my eastern prickly pear cactus (hardy to at least zone 5 w/o winter protection) that are eagerly spreading right into the walkway to attack passersby that I am planning on removing so those up are up for trading.

    I also have a bunch of “Pseudo Goldmoss Sedum” (pseudo because that is what the tag called it but I looked it up online and there is no way that is the correct id for it) and another sedum I call Donkey’s tail (but once again this is not the real name for it. I swear the nurserys around here can’t properly ID a sedum for their lives). These I have a lot of and pretty much can just pull out giant rooted clumps and stuff a flat rate postage box FULL. I mean full-full, as in layers.

    I also have some large hen and chicks as well as some other miss-id’ed sedums labeled as “baby's-toes” and “sedum acre” (all not the correct ids) and some “angelica”, “dragon’s blood”, Pinky-white things” and “no-clue-blue-clumpy-cute-stuff” which these sedums I could include as cuttings (they take sooooo easy, just stick end in dirt and water occasional and bingo, rooted).

    If anyone would like to trade for a flat rate postage box of ground cover sedums (plus a few hens and chicks) or trade for a few unrooted eastern prickly pear pads just let me know. I also have some more waterliliy divisions to trade for if anyone else is interested (and non-variegated swedish ivy cuttings)

    A side note, if people want to trade for a bunch of different herbs with the same deal of me sending a flat-rate box full of goodies just PM and I can tell you what all I have in greater detail. I think I have rambled on enough in this space but a quick list is that I have various mints, thymes, oregano, lemon balm, horehound, germander, etc so if you want to start a nice collection of herbs I can set you up. What would be really fun is if anyone wanted to trade flat-rate boxes of a wide variety of things.

    I am looking for nothing in particular, although I would like a nice N. ventricosa that has nice large frilly peristomes but other than that one thing I can’t name an exact species off the top of my head that I would especially like. I am open to just about any carnivorous plants/materials that would be considered a fair trade. Neps, sars, pings, drosera… c’mon they all are nice to me and unless I already have it (not likely, I don’t have much) I would be open to just about anything carnivorous. Although actually if anyone has a miniature goatsbeard plant or “cupflower” that is on my "normal plant" request list so I figured I would throw that out there too.

    Well any interested parties just PM with any offers, I have pics listed below of what my identity confused stock looks like so if anyone can offer a positive ID for these feel free to PM about that too even if you don’t necessarily want to trade (but I would looove to trade  ) Thanks,

    Prickly pear

    prickly pear pad

    hens and chicks in pot

    blue bushy sedum

    "donkey tail (not)"

    "donkey tail (not really) "



    "sedum acre?"

    "Sedum acre?"

    "baby's toes"

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    Those plants look interesting, but No room for them right now.
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    i might be interested in the prickly pear, sedum acre and to send yah $ for the NASC auction i won may see if i have some interesting stuff i can just send with it and cover a trade too.....
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