EDIT: Looks like they're all spoken for and are no longer available now

I have come to the conclusion that I will not be able to grow these plants inside my house much longer due to how large they are growing. I have two young HCW plants and one is already putting up pitchers that are about 13" tall. The other is a seedling. The Dana's Delight is one I rescued from Home Depot back in late Dec or early Jan of this year and has already put out 14" pitchers despite being practically being dead when I got it.

I'm really only looking for some cool/unique Venus Flytraps. Clumping, Sawtooth, and Justina Davis come to mind, but let me know what you have. I may also be interested in drosera. You can e-mail me @ alien1099@gmail.com and we can work something out. You can see my growlist here to see what I already have.

I can take some better pictures when I get home, but here's a couple I have access to here at work. The growing pitcher on the HCW is now actually as tall as or taller than the dominate one currently shown in these photos since it was taken a couple of weeks ago: