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Thread: large raff. gigantea for trade at NECPS show

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    large (and beat up) raff. gigantea for trade at NECPS show

    I have a large N. rafflesiana gigantea that I really can't grow anymore. It's about two feet in diameter now, and starting to vine. In the past it has produced beautiful 8 inch pitchers of a nice purple color, but its leaves have been taking a brutal beating from the metal halide lamp about 2 feet away. They are all dark red, with rust-colored undersides that may be some sort of fungus. The newest leaf is dramatically smaller than the others. Nevertheless, I believe that in the right hands this plant can be saved. Unfortunately, it's too big to ship so I was planning on bringing it to the NECPS show and doing the trade there, so this trade is only open to those attending the show. Here are some pics: photo taken in July. This pitcher is now half dead. The plant produced another this month, but it is much smaller and it doesn't look like the new leaves want to pitcher. Anyway, for trades I'm not that picky. I'm looking for other neps, preferably highlanders, and preferably over 6 inches in diameter. Eymae is one that I've been looking for for a while. Also D. regia or cephalotus. I may take other stuff as well, try me! Kind of sad that I have to part with my baby for 2 years .... Ben
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    What do you want for it? (I don't think I would be able to get it anyway, just asking)

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