man to make along story short, i had about 30+ sundews and all was weel for about a years time , then ig to aphids, and tried to use a product i never seen mentioned for CP and if killed most of my sundew, then lil while later i put them outside and some maintance guy accidently fertilized them which took out all accept my "marstons dragon".

with all that said i'm back and looking to get some more plants but have lil money so cannot go to store or shop online , i have a few seeds and other such gear that some of you might be interested in trading for, also on the list i have a few more common cp seeds to trade as well.

to put it simple i'm loking to get some mexican pings, and numerous sundew (prefer ones that do good in indoor terraium". if you would like to trade or like to know what exactly i have to trade please PM me?