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Thread: Some plants for trade

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    Some plants for trade

    Hello everyone -

    I am gauging interest in some things. I have a couple of plants that are growing exceptionally well for me indoors, but it has been high maintenance, and dormancy is fast approaching. I can keep them, but I have less and less time on my hands, so smaller, lower maintenance plants for indoors are probably better for me at this point.

    Sarracenia purpurea ssp. venosa Walton County Fl.

    Drosera graminifolia

    Drosera adelae (small plantlets about an inch across).

    Tons of Drosera spatulata 'Frasier Island' seeds

    U. lividia

    Just trying to make some extra space. Thanks for looking!

    I am looking more for plants that do well in the environment I can give them... grow lights for now.

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    Just sent ya a PM.

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