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Thread: looking for seed

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    Hi, im new to this forum, let me introduce myself im 14 and am currently on 2 cp forums, i have a small collection of cps including temperate and tropical plants, i have many hobbies but cps are my favorite, i live in the US. i just wanted to see if anyone had some extra seed that i could possibly have for the cost of shipping.
    Im looking for:

    Any nepenthes species(n. truncata, n. ventricosa typical, n. reinwardtiana, n. sanguinea, n. rafflesiana, n. viking, etc)
    N. truncata hybrids
    N. lowii hybrids
    N. inermis hybrids
    N. ventricosa hybrids

    D. capensis, red form, broad leaf, alba
    D. adelae
    D. regia
    D. binata
    D. spathulata
    D. paradoxa


    Id be interested in any offers mainly tropical cp seed, im trying to increase my cp collection and thought seed would be another thing i could try. i have a 20 gallon long fish tank, it will have 140+ watts of light and half the tank has a heat mat. If they are hybrids i would like to know what the cross is


    ***OFFER CLOSED***
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