Up for trade:

This plant was a Lowe's Death Cube rescue about a year ago. It's rehabilitated, but I don't really have the right conditions to keep it long-term. I've found it to be very vigorous. Over the past year it's sent out three runners, and every piece of rhizome I've separated from it has immediately grown into a new plant. It's growing in a 4" pot in a 50/50 peat/sand mix. It's one main plant with two smaller plantlets coming up from runners. You can see the plantlets at the left and bottom corners of the pot.

Whole plant recently:

A seedling-sized division pulled from a runner during repotting:

Check out the coloration on the plantlet. There's all kinds of potential in this plant!

And an artsy pic of a developing pitcher:

I'm most interested in:

interesting tropical Drosera
Mexipings or P. planifolia

PM me with offers. Thanks!