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Thread: Sarracenia seed giveaway or trade...

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    Sarracenia seed giveaway or trade...

    Hello everyone! I have just a few packs of Sarracenia hybrid seed available. I know this is normally a COME AND GET IT!!! type of thing, but since this is A) my first Sarracenia seed ever and B) I know exactly what the cross is- it's not just some randomly pollinated cross by the bugs I'm going to be a little picky on giving them away. I'm not going to put a restriction on time here, or number of posts but I do want people that have grown Sarracenia from seed before... But PLEASE be honest when you say you've grown Sarracenia from seed before (Grown to adult not just sprouted) This is like my baby I'm adopting out to you! LOL The seed was collected last week.

    So if you're interested, please send me a PM. It would be awesome if anyone had some Sarracenia seed *that the parentage is known of* to trade but not necessary.

    The seeds are:

    S. flava "heavily veined" 'Ornata' Walton Co. Fl. x (S. alata black x S. flava red)

    I'm pretty sure that's how to properly write it... maybe S. flava (heavily veined) 'Ornata' Walton Co. Fl. x (S. alata black x S. flava red) Or maybe just drop the heavily veined part since that's what 'Ornata' is? I don't know... that's what I got it as and I don't remember where it came from. anyway... The first was the pollinated plant and the second is the pollen donor.

    The plant on the right is an older picture of my S. flava "heavily veined" 'Ornata' Walton Co. Fl

    And this is not my plant but it looks just like my S. alata black x S. flava red... (picture taken from http://coloradocarnivorousplantsocie..._flava_Red.htm)

    Look forward to your PMs!

    PS- USA only-
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    PM sent
    SK-8 OR DIE


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    poor me..

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