So today I am cleaning out the ponds at my parent’s house this weekend in preparation for winter while I am visiting home before the weather gets nasty and there is a TON of water lettuce. Normally I save some to put in my fish tanks to overwinter but since there is so much I thought maybe someone else may want some for their fish tanks instead of just composting the whole lot of the left-overs.

Note; FISHTANKS ONLY. If you have a pond for it and would plan to put some in it there are two things to keep in mind. This is an annual plant in the north so there is no point in getting some at this point in the season because it will die off in a few weeks with the frosts and if you live in more Southerly regions which the plant would be able to survive winters you shouldn’t have it because it is an invasive plant and restricted in those areas. So that is why I would only be sending some to people who live in zones where the plant cannot overwinter and plan to keep it indoors. If you live in the North, like me, who want to keep it in a tank over winter and then move it to a pond this spring and try to avoid having to buy some new plants each spring at the store that is great, but I cannot, and will not, send it to areas of the country where it could overwinter and become invasive if it gets into waterways.

Also keep in mind this plant is used to high light outdoors in full sun so if you want to try to keep it alive in your fishtanks over winter until spring you will need good lighting.Like with most aquarium plants it won’t cut it just having a fish tank near a window without additional lighting sources.

I really have no idea if anyone is interested in this at all but if someone had any carnivorous plants they wanted to trade for this I would be quite agreeable to discuss those possibilities. Really, I would be open to pretty much anything, nothing special if you have anything in excess you wouldn’t miss just offer…

The only thing with all of these arrangements is that if you are interested please let me know as soon as possible because I have to head back up to my normal residence Sunday afternoon (as in tomorrow, the 12th) so I would need to know if, and how many, plants I should bring to mail out before I leave. I will put the deadline for notification of interest in these plants at no later than Noon (Eastern) on the 12th.

So yeah, considering the strange stipulations on who I can share with, the time frame in which I would need to know if you want some, and the fact that this may not be a plant anyone even wants I doubt I will have much interest in this but if you are still interested after all of this PM me…or since my box needs cleaning out and may happen to get full email me;