I'm always looking for seed grown nepenthes species and hybrids so I thought I'd put up an add for things I looking for. Or seed of any of these.

N. veitchii nice colored forms
N. rafflesiana ' '
N. fusca forms
N. mirabilis var. echinostoma red
N. northiana
N. hurrelliana
N. bellii from seed
N. tobiaca
N. maxima

and the hybrids (looking for mostly dark forms)
N. ventricosa x trusmadiensis
N. bellii x trusmadiensis
N. truncata x trusmadiensis
N. truncata x lowii
N. ventricosa x lowii
N. lowii x ventricosa
N. Tiveyi
N. eymae x veitchii

Thanks to any help available.