Hi Everyone, I harvested a ton of sarracenia seed this year, and I probably won't even have the time/energy/space to plant it all next year so I was hoping I could trade some of it away. I am looking for ANY type of Nepenthes seed (Or seedlings/small plants). I'm not gonna be picky I would just like to trade away some of my seed. One thing to note is that all of the seed is open pollinated so they will most likely result in hybrids, but hey some of the best sarracenia ARE hybrids.

Here is what I have excess of

S. Flava var Ruglii OP
S. Purpurea OP
S. (Flava x Oreophila) OP
S. x Catesbi OP
S x Moorei OP
S x Alata OP
S x Alata OP ( I have two different forms)
S x ? ? ? (These seeds are mixed, they ended up in here because I either couldnt ID the parent OR because I only had one of that particular plant and didn't feel like getting a seperate bag for it.)

D. Muscipula "typical" OP
D. Muscipula "Red Dragon" OP
D. Muscipula "Sawtooth" OP

Odd's are some of the "Red Dragon" seeds will turn out to be red vft's, however they will not be the same as the cultivar "Red Dragon". I have no idea about what the sawtooth will look like since I have never harvested them up until this year, I'm gonna try to record if any of them carry on the sawtooth characteristic.

Thats about it, Let me know if you are interested in any of them, I am willing to trade off multiple different types of sarracenia seed for less nep. seeds. I also have pics of the parent plant if anyone is interested.

Thanks for looking,