Hope this is ok here.
Very late for Halloween. However, if you are bored of sea monkeys, I am extending an offer for what may be sea zombies. Also known as Caprellid amphipods. These creatures are small(about 1.25 for the biggest males), but very interesting to watch! Relatively little is to be found on captive husbandry but a small container of seawater kept cool and with a bubbler, and some stuff to hang onto(plastic plants), should suffice. They can feed on detritus, suspended algae(greenwater). Also eat small organisms such as brine shrimp, other amphipods, etc. that they capture with their raptorial forelegs. Males are much larger than females. Females brood young in a pouch and release fully developed young. Actually, the young often hang onto the female for some time before going off on their own, so much so that she looks a bit like a Christmas tree. Thus, they are easily bred in captivity. http://nathistoc.bio.uci.edu/crustac...a/Caprella.htmhttp://www.anemoon.org/anemoon/image.../image_preview Interested mostly in trades.(terrarium plants-ferns, land crabs, critters) But if you want them let me know.