Since I know a lot of people are going to be starting to divide their Sarracenia soon I want to post the plants I have available for trade. Since I don't have heat packs and I'm trading mostly tropicals I will have to arrange the trades and wait until there's decent weather between me and the person I'm trading with or until spring comes whichever comes first. As implied earlier I'm looking for Sarracenia and am especially interested in the cuprea, rubicorpora, and atropuporea flava varieties as well as interesting hybrids and cultivars. I have highlighted the plants I have available for trade on my growlist.
Additionally I have the cactus in the first picture, the taller cactus in the second picture and the cactus pups in the third picture which came from the plant in the fourth picture available for trade. Feel free to pm me with trade offers.
Because of the time between arranging the trade and the trade occurring I feel inclined to say that in the unlikely event something should happen to one of the plants involved in the trade ( pest, disease, plants dry out, etc) the trade will have to be canceled.